OUR MOTTO: To Love is To Serve

OUR VISION: St. Patrick’s is a nurturing Christian community that inspires learning and achievement, acceptance and equality.


For our children, families and staff to live the Christian Message of Love through –

By living Christian values in the Catholic tradition

Learning & Achievement
By creating educational opportunities for all members of the school community to work towards their full potential.

Acceptance & Equality
By providing a just and caring environment in which all individuals are valued and respected; where each person has a sense of self-worth and achievement.

By building a strong sense of belonging, based on partnerships between home, school, parish and local community.


This is our school.
May our rooms be full of happiness.
Let love be here:
Love for one another,

Love of Life

And love of God.
Let us all remember,
That as many hands build a house,
So all of us together
Build one, happy school.



St. Patrick's is a school for children. This is their school and all are encouraged to live by the words of the school prayer to ‘build one, happy school.”

St Joseph's Cup
The school has three House Groups – Gold, Green and Red.
Each year the children compete for the St. Joseph’s Cup which is awarded at the final assembly to the House with the highest points total.
Points are given to children who display good school citizenship; i.e. they are helping to build a happy school. The point tallies from the School Athletic Sports also count toward the Cup.
The House Captains are responsible for fostering positive spirit within their house during the year.
The Cup is named after one of our two founder schools, St. Joseph’s in Lyons St.

Student Representative Council
Each learning group within the school elects a child as their delegate for the year.
All the delegates and the two school captains make up the S.R.C.
The S.R.C. meets fortnightly with the principal and is responsible for deciding which charitable organisations to support and for planning fun happenings / fun days to raise funds for them. In recent years, the S.R.C. has arranged Topsy-Turvy Day, PJ Day, Footy Colours Day, Crazy Hair Day, & Bad Taste Day; and has sold wrist bands, pencils, stickers & badges.
The S.R.C. is also the voice of the children and during each meeting there is time for the delegates to share any concerns, suggestions or questions from their classes.
The delegates present an award each week to a child within their own class who they believe is helping to build a happy school.

Peer Support and Buddies
As each student enters into their final years at St. Patrick’s school they are assigned a buddy from the junior school area. These Buddies form a relationship of support and friendship, which allows the newer students someone who can assist them as they settle into school. It also teaches the older students much about the responsibility of caring for another person. Through planned events the Buddies come to know each other and true friendships form over time.

Assembly is held each fortnight and usually alternates with Peer Support / Buddies. Each learning group takes responsibility for leading the Assembly and for sharing what they have been learning with the rest of the school. Other aspects of assembly include an acknowledgement of the indigenous owners of the land and the school prayer led by the School Captains, an address by the principal and presentations form children involved in other elements of schooling, such as the choir or sporting teams.


St. Patrick’s is one of two primary schools located within the Cathedral Parish of Ballarat and is located on the site of the old St. Patrick’s Christian Bros primary school in Drummond St. Sth.
There has been a school on this site since 1924 but the ancestry of St. Patrick’s goes back to the days of the gold-rush.

The Catholic Church established the first school for Catholic children in 1858 – No. 603 Ballaarat. Up until 1864 this school was called Soldiers’ Hill and later St. Patrick’s when it was moved to the site of the Cathedral grounds in Sturt St. This was the predecessor for our current school.

The ancestry of the current St. Patrick’s Parish Primary School can be directly traced to the establishment for the parish children of St. Joseph’s primary school by the Loreto Sisters in 1877 in Dawson St. and the founding one year earlier of St. Patrick’s Christian Bros. boys’ primary school in 1876 in Skipton St. Both schools were established following the withdrawal of Government funding by legislation in 1872.

School No. 603 was written off the Education Department books and became a teacher training facility in 1884.

The building in the Cathedral grounds that housed St. Patrick’s was relocated to Skipton St. for incorporation in to the new Christian Bros school. The name must have travelled with it!

St. Joseph’s primary school was located in Lyons St Nth. within the grounds of the Loreto school in Dawson St. The school was built by Mother Gonzaga Barry, who then gave the land on which the school stood to the parish. This school became the official parish primary school.

For various reasons the Skipton St. school was closed and demolished and the new St. Patrick’s Christian Bros. boys’ primary school was built in Drummond St. Sth in 1924 on the site of an old foundry. This school became known as “Drummo” to all its past pupils and locals.

In the late 1970’s came the gradual realization that two schools within a couple of kilometres of each other and a diminishing number of children upon which to draw, was neither viable nor sustainable.

A decision was made to merge the two schools on the St. Patrick’s site under the stewardship of the Loreto sisters at the beginning of the 1982 school year.
Br. John Parker was the last headmaster of St. Patrick’s Christian Bros Boys’ Primary School and Sr. Louise Ritchard, IBVM, became the first principal of St. Patrick’s Parish Primary School.

In 2004 the school celebrated 80 years of education on the Drummond St. site.
In 2007 the school celebrated the 130th anniversary of the founding of St. Joseph’s primary school.

In 2008, the community celebrated the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the first Catholic School in Ballarat.