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Religious Education

At St. Patricks, we believe our Religious Education Program is concerned with the development of faith, based on the life experiences of the child and the teachings of Christ.


As Catholic Educators at St Patrick's, we belong to  a Faith Community and share the responsibility of communicating the message of Christ to the children in our care. Catholic Schools are instrumental in bringing about the mission of evangelisation in the Church.

Whilst formal Religious Education is based on the Awakenings Core Documents, we believe that our Faith permeates all aspects of our school life and beyond. 

Children of the Catholic Faith during their primary school years are initiated into the Church through the Sacraments of Confirmation (Year 3) and Eucharist (Year 4). They receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Years 2). These Sacraments are received after children prepare with our Religious Education Leader in partnership with the St Patrick's Parish Sacramental Program co-ordinator. During school RE lessons, all children complete units of the Awakenings curriculum that supports this preparation.